Foraging Dandelions

This summer, I am doing an internship with the Hacienda Market Garden in Kitchener. More about this internship later – but for now, my point is I’m not earning too much moneys! Just having graduated this April, I’ve become more aware of my spending habits as I think about finding work and choosing where to live…I’m not a student anymore! It’s time to be responsible! (Apparently, haha.) 

My wise friend Jacob assured me – as I worried about finances – that being a creative person, I could probably find some ways to save money. It’s true – saving money…this could be kind of fun! (I’m grateful that I am far from true poverty, as I know there is much help and support from family and friends should I just ask) 

So one of my first creative ventures – foraging dandelions! Here I am in our backyard killing two birds with one stone – “weeding”, and gathering tasty greens to eat!